Max Hax Is An award-winning full-stack digital marketing studio

About Max Hax Digital Marketing Agency in Canada.

A full-stack digital marketing studio based in the Ontario Canada. From strategy to implementation, we’re here to help make your brand shine.

That’s where the idea for Max Hax was born. We listened to the voices of business and industry, looked at our ability to engage thought leaders, track trends, and offer fresh perspectives, and knew we could do more to help businesses succeed and maximize the growth hacks. The power of our creative team was simply too good not to share.

About Max Hax Digital Marketing Agency in Canada

what makes us different

the codes Max Hax lives by

creativity & Innovation

We create compelling visual stories that make a lasting impact, and then we develop strategies to get those stories in front of the people you want to reach.

integrity & trust

We get to know your markets through comprehensive research and study, and position your business for success.


brand-first Approach

We partner with you to understand the “why” of your business goals, and offer meaningful guidance about how to exceed them. 

love digital

 Captivate your customers from the instant they open your digital doorway to explore who you are and what you can do for them.

going the extra mile

Having a trusted advisor by your side can make a big difference in your business results. Our marketing consultants are there for you.



The way we see it, you should not look up to consultants only. Consultants should look up to you, too. That’s the approach we take with our advisory services.

get to know us

Max Hax is its people


Director of Creative

Lili Rezaei

Director of Marketing

Hadi Barzegar

Financial Advisor

Omer Mays

Content Manager

Ella Weber

Social Manager